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 Tour of Duty (1987) Season 1 Complete

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PostSubject: Tour of Duty (1987) Season 1 Complete   Tour of Duty (1987) Season 1 Complete EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 6:26 am

Tour of Duty (1987) Season 1 Complete 61efe312

IMDB User Rating:8.6/10

Awards:Won Primetime Emmy. Another 1 win & 3 nominations


Genre:Drama | War

Plot:This series offers an unflinching look at the "tours of duty" of several members of a platoon during the Vietnam War. Death is inevitable in war, and major characters do die. The protagonists face the Viet Cong, social disapproval, and sometimes themselves over the course of the series.


Stephen Caffrey ... Lt. Myron Goldman (58 episodes, 1987-1990)
Terence Knox ... Sgt. Clayton 'Zeke' Anderson (57 episodes, 1987-1990)
Tony Becker ... Cpl. Daniel 'Danny' Percell / ... (55 episodes, 1987-1990)
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. ... Pvt. Marcus Taylor / ... (53 episodes, 1987-1990)
Ramón Franco ... Pvt. Alberto Ruiz / ... (52 episodes, 1987-1990)
Stan Foster ... Sgt. Marvin Johnson / ... (41 episodes, 1987-1989)
Dan Gauthier ... Lt. John McKay (32 episodes, 1989-1990)
And More!!

21 Episodes

1-After Firebase Ladybird suffers heavy casualties, Sgt. Anderson (Terence
Knox) goes to recruit new soldiers to replace men he lost. He selects
the best from a group of new recruits and meets for the first time their new leader, 2nd
Lt. Goldman (Stephen Caffrey).

CODE TD-1-1_Pilot_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-1_Pilot_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-1_Pilot_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-1_Pilot_JBd.part4.rar

2-The platoon gets attacked by the Viet Cong, who strike and then disappear into underground tunnels. The GIs enter the tunnels to find
the missing Taylor (Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.), only to get trapped when the
tunnel caves in.

CODE TD-1-2_NotesUnderground_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-2_NotesUnderground_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-2_NotesUnderground_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-2_NotesUnderground_JBd.part4.rar

3-Among the villagers being relocated by the platoon is a beautiful woman
to whom Goldman is attracted. When they are attacked on the trail, Goldman's life is saved by a VC who turns out to be the woman's husband.

CODE TD-1-3_Dislocations_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-3_Dislocations_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-3_Dislocations_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-3_Dislocations_JBd.part4.rar

4-The men find themselves assigned to assist a "host shot" sergeant with a
mission to destroy an enemy bridge. Tempers reach a breaking point when
Anderson finds a living Vietnamese child and the sergeant wants the child

CODE TD-1-4_WarLover_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-4_WarLover_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-4_WarLover_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-4_WarLover_JBd.part4.rar

5-The company provides security for an irrigation project, but it seems the
VC know the Americans' every move. The platoon is assigned a guide, but
every time the Americans leave the village, they are mysteriously ambushed.

CODE TD-1-5_SittingDucks_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-5_SittingDucks_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-5_SittingDucks_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-5_SittingDucks_JBd.part4.rar

6-Racial tension leads to violence when a militant black soldier and a KKK
member both end up in Bravo Company. When the white soldier is killed
with a gun belonging to Johnson (Stan Faster), black and white members
of the company clash.

CODE TD-1-6_Burn_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-6_Burn_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-6_Burn_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-6_Burn_JBd.part4.rar

7-Anderson, Johnson, and Baker (Eric Bruskatter) are shot down after
catching a ride in a helicopter. They head back to base and encounter
a woman giving birth as she is dying. Anderson ends up taking care of
the baby and the three soldiers end up battling the VC, with tragic

CODE TD-1-7_BroFaSon_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-7_BroFaSon_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-7_BroFaSon_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-7_BroFaSon_JBd.part4.rar

8- A drunken GI steals a jeep and gets arrested. Anderson recognizes him
as his former drill sergeant. Anderson helps to get him acquitted and
gets him drafted into the squad, but his old friend immediately begins
to disobey orders.

CODE TD1-8_GoodBadDead_JBd.part1.rar TD1-8_GoodBadDead_JBd.part2.rar TD1-8_GoodBadDead_JBd.part3.rar TD1-8_GoodBadDead_JBd.part4.rar

9-When Baker's wild twin brother shows up, the two end up fighting and nearly destroying the base. When his brother's helicopter goes down the
next morning, Baker goes after him but gets captured by the VC.

CODE TD-1-9_BakerBros_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-9_BakerBros_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-9_BakerBros_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-9_BakerBros_JBd.part4.rar

10-Percell (Tony Becker) has just received a "Dear John" letter. Then the
bridge he was assigned to secure gets blown up. When he escorts a dying
baby and the mother to an evacuation center, he is reunited with an old flame.

CODE TD-1-10_NowhereRun_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-10_NowhereRun_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-10_NowhereRun_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-10_NowhereRun_JBd.part4.rar

11-Anderson's confidence is shaken when he is almost killed by a barrage of mortar fire. When the soldiers are ordered to rescue downed pilots from an occupied valley, Anderson questions his ability to lead.

CODE TD-1-11_Roadrunner_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-11_Roadrunner_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-11_Roadrunner_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-11_Roadrunner_JBd.part4.rar

12-Bravo Company is sent on a reconnaissance mission to capture a prisoner. With them is an attractive female reporter who is intent on getting combat footage, but who becomes a distraction to the men.

CODE TD-1-12_PushinHard_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-12_PushinHard_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-12_PushinHard_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-12_PushinHard_JBd.part4.rar

13- A USO band, including three female dancers, are rushed to a helicopter to be flown to their next destination. The helicopter is shot down and
the entire crew is killed, leaving the troupe's lives in the hands of Bravo Company.

CODE TD-1-13_USODown_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-13_USODown_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-13_USODown_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-13_USODown_JBd.part4.rar

14- A captain joins the platoon as the new leader and is immediately popular with the men. His arrival is fortuitous because there is evidence that the North Vietnamese Army is planning a big push right over Firebase Ladybird. But Anderson is wary of the new captain's tactics.

CODE TD-1-14_UnderSiege_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-14_UnderSiege_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-14_UnderSiege_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-14_UnderSiege_JBd.part4.rar

15- Percell is given emergency medical leave to visit his sick father in Hawaii. When he arrives, he learns his father has taken up with a much younger woman. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ruiz (Ramon Franco) get sent there for some R&R and witness negative reaction to the war.

CODE TD-1-15_Soldiers_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-15_Soldiers_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-15_Soldiers_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-15_Soldiers_JBd.part4.rar

16-When Goldman and Horn (Joshua Maurer) are ambushed in their jeep, their companions are killed and they are separated. Godlman is temporarily blinded, but manages to capture a female VC whom he forces by gunpoint to lead him to safety.

CODE TD-1-16_Gray-Brown_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-16_Gray-Brown_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-16_Gray-Brown_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-16_Gray-Brown_JBd.part4.rar

17-Goldman's estranged father arrives, a retired general on a fact-finding mission for Washington. Meanwhile, Ruiz begins to suspect there is a Heroin supplier on the base.

CODE TD-1-17_BloodBrothers_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-17_BloodBrothers_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-17_BloodBrothers_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-17_BloodBrothers_JBd.part4.rar

18-Taylor must address his mixed emotions about his return home. His hatred for the war conflicts with the strong bond he has with his fellow solders and his uncertainty about life back home.

CODE TD-1-18_ShortTimer_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-18_ShortTimer_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-18_ShortTimer_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-18_ShortTimer_JBd.part4.rar

19-The squad meets a mysterious ex-GI living among the natives. Goldman follows orders to help fortify the natives against the VC, but what follows is exactly what the mystery man warned him about.

CODE TD-1-19_ParadiseLost_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-19_ParadiseLost_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-19_ParadiseLost_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-19_ParadiseLost_JBd.part4.rar

20- A wounded NVA colonel is captured by the platoon and Goldman and Anderson are hit in a fire figh . All three are taken to the nearby hospital, where Goldman once again meets up with his former girlfriend and hears some unexpected news.

CODE TD-1-20_AngelMercy_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-20_AngelMercy_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-20_AngelMercy_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-20_AngelMercy_JBd.part4.rar

21-Goldman has a brief R&R with his former girlfriend, but she refuses to marry him. When he returns to base, he finds out his unit has been assigned to help take Hill 1000, which they've taken before and lost. Meanwhile, Horn refuses to follow orders at the risk of court martial.

CODE TD-1-21_TheHill_JBd.part1.rar TD-1-21_TheHill_JBd.part2.rar TD-1-21_TheHill_JBd.part3.rar TD-1-21_TheHill_JBd.part4.rar
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Tour of Duty (1987) Season 1 Complete
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