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 SPSS 17 Statistics with all working modules: full version

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PostSubject: SPSS 17 Statistics with all working modules: full version   Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:47 pm

For those who need advanced statistical procedures - full version of SPSS 17.0 statistical package with fallowing working modules:

* SPSS Advanced Statistics
* SPSS Categories?
* SPSS Complex Samples?
* SPSS Conjoint?
* SPSS Custom Tables
* SPSS Data Preparation?
* SPSS Data Entry?
* SPSS Decision Trees
* SPSS Exact Tests?
* SPSS Forecasting
* SPSS Missing Values
* SPSS Neural Networks?
* SPSS Statistics Programmability Extension?
* SPSS Regression
* SPSS Statistics Adapter for SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services?
* SPSS Statistics Base

Installation notes are inside archive. No password.


Please say thx if you like it... 😉

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SPSS 17 Statistics with all working modules: full version
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