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 VASST Ultimate S3 & S4 Apps and time limit reset

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VASST Ultimate S3 & S4 Apps and time limit reset Empty
PostSubject: VASST Ultimate S3 & S4 Apps and time limit reset   VASST Ultimate S3 & S4 Apps and time limit reset EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 7:51 pm

This resets the time limit on the trial version back to 14 days. Tested and working 100% by me.


1. Download the S3/S4 application above and in the .rar file is another application that"s called axhelper.
2. Install S3/S4.
3.Before, during or after it times out follow these instructions.
Run axhelper.exe.
On the opening screen click "OK".
After a minute or so a list of applications will appear in the main window. Click on the "description" category to sort from A-Z. Look near the top or in the first few entries. You"ll see this -

VASST Ultimate S3 & S4 Apps and time limit reset W97itf

On one line - 2 lines if you have S2 for Vegas 6 installed.
*Note* You"re looking for a square box before and after the copyright symbol. The numbers to the left will be different on every install so don"t look for those.
Double click and another window will open up. You should see more weird code and a date which will be the date you installed the S3/S4 app. Close that window. Then right click on the same line that has the code above and the date you installed S3/S4 and then go to "open in regedit". Make sure you do not delete the S2 app if you have that on for Vegas 6 on your PC. The weird code is the same for both only the date is different. Delete that CLSID entry. The number assigned to it will match the line you"re on in the axhelper . That"s it.

How this works. S3/S4 puts a line in the registry hiding the name with the weird code above. The S3/S4 app looks at this code and it"s got the date of install in it. When day 14 hits it writes more code to time out the app. By deleting this entry it writes a new line and starts all over. The number assigned to the entry is different for every install and every PC so no one number will work for everyone. The number is created by the date and time so it"s always different. The weird code in the descriptor is always the same so knowing this visual signature we can find and delete the entry forcing a reset of the clock. Until a keygen is out or other crack this is all we have. S3/S4 is such a damn fine plug-in it"s worth it to reset it and it only takes a minute to do it.

Download includes both S4 and S4 apps, axhelper app, instructions, and example jpeg.

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VASST Ultimate S3 & S4 Apps and time limit reset
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