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 TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268

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TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268 Empty
PostSubject: TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268   TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268 EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 7:53 pm

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268 5y6b6e

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268

Multi-Format Video Encoding Software
For Windows 2000 / XP SP2 / Vista / Vista SP1

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress gives you the freedom to take almost any video file and encode it to your desired file format including DivX, AVI, QuickTime, MPEG 4-ISO, H.264, DVD-Video, DVD-VR, HDV camcorder, Blu-ray Disc and much more. This powerful software provides you with functions and features ranging from a simple cut-editor tool to multiple powerful video filtering and effects. Now with NVIDIA CUDA? support!

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268 B3lm35

Convert Almost Any Video File!
TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress excels at converting video from one format to another. Got a Media Center recording that you'd like to convert to DivX? Or maybe you have a DivX file you'd like to convert to DVD-compliant MPEG? TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress can do it all, and you'll have complete control over the output settings. You can even make your own custom output settings!

Edit Your Video
TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress includes plenty of tools to enhance your video. Use the cut-editor to cut out unwanted scenes. Add filters to correct color, crop the picture, resize, sharpen, deinterlace, reduce noise, and more!

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268 2pz0l6r
If you have a NVIDIA CUDA? compatible graphics card, you can unleash the power of the GPU's multiple cores to crush the processing time for decoding and applying video filters! (Speed increases are dependent on your hardware environment and are not guaranteed.) Learn more...

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268 24lissg
Convert Your AVCHD Footage! The popular AVCHD video format is now officially supported as an input source! Easily take your AVCHD footage and convert it to other video formats such as DVD-Video!

Blu-ray Disc Encoding!
We've added a new output template for the Blu-ray Disc format! Convert your video into BDMV or BDAV compliant MPEG-2 video and maintain the quality of your high definition footage!

Not Passworded

Size is: 23.8 MB

Instructions for This Upload:

1. Use Any Name you like.
2. Use Any Email Address you like.
3. Change Version: so it says
4. Now Just Click on the Generate Button.
5. DO NOT use the Patch Button as the Files have all ready been Patched using this Keygen.

Download: This is a Repack

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TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v4.6.3.268
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