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 WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced

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WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced Empty
PostSubject: WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced   WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 7:54 pm

WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced

WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced 16 Mb

WindowBlinds is a one-of-a-kind utility that allows Windows users to completely change the look and feel of the Windows interface by applying a new skin. There are thousands of different skins to choose from that are freely downloadable from the WindowBlinds website.

A WindowBlinds skin can make Windows look like an alternative operating system, like their favorite sports or car brand, or something completely new. Because WindowBlinds uses the latest hardware acceleration features of modern video cards, WindowBlinds won?t slow down your computer and uses very little memory.

WindowBlinds is safe and easy to use. It doesn?t alter any system files and users can switch between the default Windows look and feel and a custom WindowBlinds skin with the click of a button. In addition, WindowBlinds has been tested to ensure it works with Windows Vista, so you know it is compatible, reliable,, and more secure.

Features of WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds has hundreds of different features for enabling users to customize the look and feel of Windows. For this guide, we?ll stick to the primary features

Applies visual styles that can change the title bars, Start bar, push buttons, radio buttons, and nearly every other element of the Windows UI.
Takes advantage of hardware acceleration on Windows XP and Windows Vista increasing window drawing performance over Windows by default
Skins virtually every part of Windows XP
Supports on-the-fly blurring of title bars and Start menus on Windows XP! (screenshot)
Skins virtually every part of Windows Vista
New, easy to use configuration
Supports on-the-fly blurring of window frames, start menus, and menus on Windows Vista
Users can change the color and brightness of individual skins


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WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced Empty
PostSubject: Re: WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced   WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 11:55 pm

utk wat pe bnda nie..story skit Razz
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WindowBlinds 6.004 Enhanced
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