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 [] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB!

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[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! Empty
PostSubject: [] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB!   [] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! EmptyThu Mar 05, 2009 9:00 pm

Worms 3D Ripped (Only 49 MB)

[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! Bfi1q0

The classic 3D worms game. Great classic. Still a great game.

Type= Strategy

IGN rating: 7.0 out of 10

[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! Imi4xt
Quote :
Worms 3D is an artillery game in the Worms series. It was developed by Team17. The game was the first in the series to be in 3D and also featured several new weapons. Additionally, some of the weapons operations are substantially different from previous Worms titles. Modes like Campaign and Quick Match return previous versions. The game also features a multiplayer feature, as well as the ability to edit and create teams. The objective of most of the matches is to eliminate the opposing forces' worms, whereas the Campaign mode gives the player sets of specific goals which he needs to complete. The gameplay itself hasn't changed much from its predecessors, with the exception of the three-dimensional view, which allows the player more freedom, and more possibilities, to complete the task at hand.

The campaign consists of 35 small missions in which the player has to utilise their worms to complete a certain task, like destroy enemy worms, collect a certain crate, or even unique missions, like having to detonate 16 hidden landmines in a certain time. All of the missions give awards depending on how well you do. Gold medals usually unlock maps, wormapedia entries or even sometimes easter eggs (usually wormapedia entries, voice banks or secret landscapes). Sometimes, completing missions will give you a challenge mission in which you have to use a weapon/utility to collect targets and to try and go for as long as possible (as collecting targets adds time to your timer). Getting a gold time can unlock maps or locked weapons.

The Game also has various tools that can be used at the players disposal to complete the mission or destroy the enemy. Some of these items consist of: Jet Pack that has an certain amount of fuel, and can be earned bu finding and unlocking it. There is a whole armory of weapons from rocket launchers to pee shooters that are well constructed. other items like the Parachute, are very fun to use on all variety's of locations.

Yet another aspect of the Gameplay is the environment it's self the landscape on many of the maps can be destroyed by the player to create a game field that best suits the player. Using weapons like the rocket launcher, and grenades you can blow the world around you to pieces or leave it untouched (but i doubt it).

Many of the 35 Missions require concentration weather you are parachuting to an enemy plane of blasting your friend online into the water. The game is full of an amazing environment and extraordinary graphics.

[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! A4skup
[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! 11rb0nb
[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! 33nyomd

Minimum system requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, and Vista (95 / NT are unsupported)
800 MHz Intel? Pentium? III or AMD Athlon? processor
256 MB System RAM
8 x CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive
32 MB hardware accelerated video card with 100% OpenGL? 1.4 compatibility
Sound card with 100% DirectX? 9.0a compatibility
1.4 GB Hard Drive Space
Microsoft Windows 100% compatible keyboard and mouse

(If your computer doesn't match these specifications, then you must be living in a cave)

I have tested it on Windows XP and Vista 32 bit and everything works fine.

Installation Instructions:

1. Move Game.exe to its OWN folder (only thing inside the folder).
2. Launch Game.exe (it is a SFX archive and will extract itself to the current directory).
3. Run Install.bat (it will place registry entries and open the Worms 3D Launcher).
4. To play the game later, run Launcher.exe, do not attempt to launch the game from Worms3D.exe in the bin folder.
5. Enjoy!

The only thing that is ripped from this game is the voices/speech. It took up about 350 MB of the game (about half the size of the total game). You still here gunshots and explosions etc, but you won't here the worm's annoying voices all the time.

[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB! Mt9dlv


Note: I do not like to password-protect my files, but because this game is so small, I do it so Rapidshare can't check the contents of it easily.

Please say thanks to keep this post alive! It only takes a second!

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[] Worms 3D.Ripped & Compressed to only 49 MB!
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