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 [] Final Fantasy VII | FF7 Ultima Ed.|XP & Vista

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[] Final Fantasy VII | FF7 Ultima Ed.|XP & Vista Empty
PostSubject: [] Final Fantasy VII | FF7 Ultima Ed.|XP & Vista   [] Final Fantasy VII | FF7 Ultima Ed.|XP & Vista EmptyThu Mar 05, 2009 9:03 pm

Final Fantasy VII

I trust that you all know the game so here are some things that you must read.

- Just for a start, This is the PC version, and you don't need to be online while running the game.

- for those who ask for the difference between ultima and original: I don't really know. all i know is that this one looks the same as the one in playstation and it is full (with sounds and cut scenes)

- if you have any questions read the post than, ask

- if you would be so kind to download 1 or more files as a free user, that would be great. and please say thanks.



Recovery Record (3%) is included in case you need to repair a corrupt download Smile

Here are some tips for running the game:

This game is XP/Vista ready so just download, extract, install, and play (please don't install the xp patch that i included as you don't need it)

Official Patch:

I included an official patch but most people don't have to use it. If you have problem with the game (some minor glitches), you can try installing the official patch. Note that you will have to mount the Fake ISO using a virtual cd program to get the game to work after applying the official patch or you will get "insert disk error". The fake ISO is in the goodies folder in the installation directory.

Keyboard Patch:

If you are playing in a labtop, you will probably need to apply the keyboard patch which you can find in the install folder under goodiees, official patches. just put the small file in the main directory of the game. (check the old post in the bin for more info or ask).Here is how:

go to the installation folder (usually, C:\program files\ FFVII\ ) and check the folder goodies. There you should find a rar file named "official patches" extract it. inside it, there is a rar file named "keyboard patch" extract it. and copy the extracted file to the installation directory (same directory besides exe of the game).

If you get a black screen (no movies) or crash at startup:

New Info: Thanks to beercan

Quote :
For those who are having the issue of the game crashing upon startup, and displaying the "FF7 has encountered an error" message, try this:

If you have uninstalled the Klite codec pack, reinstall it. (Uninstalling it will not have removed the ffdshow option so windows is remembering the ffdshow option is turned on.)

As it finalises install, you get the option to configure the ffdshow video.
Choose directshow on the left and there is a drop-down option called "multiple ffdshow instances". Choose "none (disabled)". Apply and ok, and the install will complete. The game will now work.

same thing thanks to nhi306 for this info:

Quote :
No need to uninstall k-lite at all. This worked for me. I just went to k-lite's configuration and clicked on the ffdshow video decorder and under the directshow tab look for multiple ffdshow instances and just disabled it

also, read this:

kingben666 wrote:
i had trouble at 1st but its sorted now it was because i had core avc installed hope this helps some one Smile

True motion codec if you need it


Yuffie fight problem

Thanks to draco dragon, we may have a solution to the Yuffie problem. To solve it, just copy the original ff7.exe and the graphic file exe from the goodies folder to the installation directory and mount the fake iso. It should work.

I need confermation from people that are having this problem, thx

upside down problem

thanks to morto00x for this

For those who have the upside-down issue just look for the "Upside Down Movie Patch.exe" patch.
Go to your Program Files folder and open:
Final Fantasy VII >> Goodies > FFVII Patches.rar >> FFVII Official Patches.rar >> Upside Down Movie Patch.exe

Battle is too fast

if the speed in the battles is unusual try turning the "frame skip" in the setting off. Let me know if it works

Want some tweeking and extra patches and stuff

You can check out the goodies folder in the installation directory. Also, you can check out this website:


Please say thanks if you download and go and buy the game. they deserve it Smile

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[] Final Fantasy VII | FF7 Ultima Ed.|XP & Vista
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