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 Kiss Of The Vampire (2009)

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PostSubject: Kiss Of The Vampire (2009)   Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:33 am

Director: Joe Tornatore
Writer: Katherine Hawkes
Genre: Horror | Romance

A romance that will CHILL you!

A coven of Sexy, modern Day vampires ravage the American Midwest with the thirst for blood, while a romantic twist puts the vampires at odds among themselves and with the murderous Illuminati that seek to gain their immortality

CODE EYNIO.part1.rar EYNIO.part2.rar EYNIO.part3.rar EYNIO.part4.rar EYNIO.part5.rar EYNIO.part6.rar EYNIO.part7.rar EYNIO.part8.rar
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Kiss Of The Vampire (2009)
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