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 No serial number or crack? No Problem!, Run shareware indefinitely with no SN or crack.

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PostSubject: No serial number or crack? No Problem!, Run shareware indefinitely with no SN or crack.   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:00 am

Sometimes it is impossible to find a serial number or crack for a program, either because it is too
new for one to have been published anywhere, or it is obscure software that you want, but not many others use. I couldn't find one for M*crosoft Virtual PC back when it first came out and wasn't free, so I wrote a simple 6 line batch file that takes care of that. Here it is:

Update to this post (9/13/07)
I had to delete the code I put here as it is a "violation" of the "rules". You'll have to do the download. This works and works very well, it is just that there are a variety of considerations. The important ones are fully addressed in the documentation.

To use it though is a little more complicated than I want to bother explaining here. I'm just plain lazy, so download it here:


apparently the first link I posted had a problem, but this one is tested and working.

It's just a 16.7 K download, and you'll find very detailed instructions about setting the date you want and getting the program path written correctly so that the program actually opens 8-) as well as other stuff.

What it does is:

Update to this post (9/13/07)
Well, I had to delete the description I put here too, as it is a "violation" of the "rules". It's all in the documentation.







So simple, but I haven't run across it anywhere except where I have posted it. Maybe there isn't much use for such a thing, but I have found it useful a number of times.

In the download there is a version with some dorky error checking and comments, if you want to use that one.

Lemme know what you think, especially any improvements.

Please don't warn me about the "dangers" of giving out my email address. This is not my primary email. It is my "garbage" internet site email address Spam it all you want 8-)
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No serial number or crack? No Problem!, Run shareware indefinitely with no SN or crack.
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