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 Bride Wars (2009) TS

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Bride Wars (2009) TS Empty
PostSubject: Bride Wars (2009) TS   Bride Wars (2009) TS EmptyThu Mar 12, 2009 6:53 am

Bride Wars (2009) TS 2r3dq910

The movie begins with a montage of shots of wedding items from a
scrapbook box then a voice over from Candice Bergen tells the
story of two girls (Emma and Liv) who went to the Plaza Hotel
with their mothers for lunch in June and saw a wedding. They
then fell in love with the idea of having their weddings in
June at the Plaza when they got older. One of the things they
picked up at the wedding was a hair barrette, which was dropped
by the bride. Emma and Liv started a scrapbook box of wedding
items including the barrette and even practiced getting married
in their attic with Liv always acting as the bride. It then
moves to present day where they are both 26.

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Bride Wars (2009) TS
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